Private Trading Course (Mentorship)

Private Trading Course (Mentorship)

from 599.00

1 on 1 Trading Mentorship with 24/7 Contact

This is not just a course. I work with members every day. As the cryptocurrency market never closes, opportunities are always present. Because of this, I offer my mentoring as a 24/7 service. Ask me anything, anytime. I keep in contact with my members through direct messages.

The 1 on 1 trading course is a private program designed to be completed at your own speed. The 1 on 1 aspect of this allows me to work with you regardless if you are a beginner or a more experienced trader.

My aim is to fine tune your approach, regardless of your skill level. Members will be provided with guidance in regards to how I swing trade and invest. On top of my guidance, you will receive a course manual outlining my resources, strategies, fieldnotes and more. Members are automatically entered into the Crypto Alerts Centre group.

Market Psychology and Sentiment Analysis

The crowd is rarely right. Those who follow the crowd will usually only go as far as the crowd.

In trading, you are in direct competition with everyone else in the market. If you want to beat the crowd, you must first understanding the sentiment of the crowd. Included is an in-depth guide outlining various methods to analyze and exploit the market hive mind.

Learn how I use market sentiment analysis to your advantage when trading. Included are strategies to stay one step ahead of other traders and avoid following the crowd.

Material includes:

  • Utilizing Social Media Metrics

  • Discussions and Forums

  • Coin Comparison

  • Market-cap Analysis

Technical Analysis

TA provides excellent assurance to your trades. Proper technical analysis is essential to efficiently making decisions in both long-term investing and swing trading.

Material includes:

  • Entries and Exits

  • Candlesticks: Patterns

  • Candlesticks: Price Action

  • Bullish Chart Patterns

  • Bearish Chart Patterns

  • Dollar Cost Averaging

  • Volume

  • RSI

  • Reward:Risk Management

  • Support and Resistance

  • Stop Loss and Take Profit

  • Analyzing Breakouts and Pullbacks

  • And more...

Resources Inventory

Being resourceful is the key to success. To save you the time needed to field test various sources, I have included a list of all my resources. Members are shown how to use each resource to its full potential. Each one is broken down to the individual components essential to effective decision making. The resources inventory includes charting tools, websites, forums/chat-groups, videos, news outlets, and more.

Crypto Alerts Center

To add to your resources, you will be given permanent access to the CAC. With hundreds of members in this network, the aim is to provide calls, coverage and education to help you outplay the crowd.

Expect regular calls, live news alerts, market analyses and various tips. The goal is to educate you on trading through our refined methodologies in technical analysis (TA), fundamental analysis (FA) and market sentiment analysis. [included in membership]

Portfolio Allocation

Learn the qualities I look for in the coins I buy. Even when a portfolio has strong gainers, unequal portfolio distribution can obstruct your returns. Proper portfolio allocation skills are crucial for maximizing one’s overall portfolio’s growth. If requested, I can also help you put together a customized portfolio, suited to your current investment circumstances.

Material includes:

  • Portfolio Creation

  • Portfolio Management

Profit & Risk (Long-term investment outline)

A large part of profiting in investing is the ability to mitigate risk. With a proper risk:reward ratio, you can have more wrong than right trades and still yield a profit. Learn the various strategies I use to manage my risk in the highly volatile crypto-market while maintaining a high a R.O.I.

Coin Investment Criteria and Checklist (Long-term investment outline)

To facilitate success, you will be provided with the exact same checklist I use to select long term investments. Being a new and unregulated market, crypto presents the opportunity to secure long term profits via fundamentals. These strategies and techniques are the same as the ones employed by elite investors. The checklist is periodically being revised and updated to fit the market.

To pay via cryptocurrency, send me a message on Instagram or Telegram, my name is Uptixs on both platforms. You may also email me with any questions at:

You will be contacted by email or direct message within 24 hours of purchase.

Mentorship Timeframe: