I am David. I grew up in Canada and was raised by what most would consider an average family. Throughout my early life, I have always felt that I had it in me to become successful and live an extravagant life. As I became older, I slowly began to accept reality for what it seemed to be. Everything I had output seemed average: my grades, my jobs, my relationships.

I would often think to myself "it is okay to live an average life" ,"it is okay to not be as great as you wanted to", "it is exponentially harder for us millennials to succeed"... Although they were supposed to be reassuring, these thoughts only made me more unhappy. Knowing that your potential isn't met is a painful feeling, and it is a feeling you can very easily identify.

During my third year of University, a major change occurred in my life which gave me quite the reality check. My perspective on life has been shifted and few things started to become clear to me.

It occurred to me how valuable time is and how everyone's biggest regrets are in some way associated with lost time. I realized that every small habit, every choice and every action done at an average standard, will never amount to an extraordinary life.

In the grand scheme, every small decision you make adds up to significantly. Following the rules laid out by society is a one way street to mediocrity. A median income no longer means a mediocre life; It is absolutely unsustainable to live on $28,000 a year. 

I came to the realization that there is one major difference that separates those that succeed from those that only dream. Though seemingly simple, this differentiating factor is the ability to take action upon one's thoughts.

Not only does this include taking part in novel ventures and taking action towards managing time, but also not giving up during times of adversity. Too many people out there take half measures and truthfully, the things they do wrong only motivate me to do it better myself. Know your goals and where you want to be.

Always remember your "why."